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The snow I missed

I found a few more shots I took at the skiing weekend that I wanted to share, I wish we had as much snow down here – its almost gone now.


The first snow

It started snowing yesterday, finally! I look forward to a long a white winter. 🙂 Its chaos on the roads today though, there are lots of people who haven’t changed to winter tires yet....


Silly car owners

Many silly drivers out there today, there is snowchaos in Norway today and lots of people get into trouble. In my opinion theres no wonder why, as long as there are silly people like...


Let it snow let it snow

Its snowing a lot today, I love it. Its wet and heavy though and people are struggling, embarrassing I think – they say Norwegians are born with skis on their feet which explains why...


Top of the world

We’re back from a long weekend tour to the mountain hut were we had lovely weather and perfect skiing conditions, what a trip. It started out well with amazing high snow over the mountain...


Stuck at work

Someone must have heard me when I wished for tons of snow and chaos. I am stuck at work, hehe but I’d rather be stuck at home. Large trucks are blocking many roads and...