Rolf is gone

Our dear Rolf was hit by a car and died this summer, we were devastated – he was part of the family …

feier - chimney sweep

Shilling bun day in Old Bergen

Today is the Shilling bun’s day, which we celebrated in the live museum Old Bergen (Gamle Bergen). A great day with great …

Braathen poems

55 mornings with Braathens

I travelled a lot in my previous job, during traveling the Airline-company I used (Braathens) started a campaign giving us poems along …


View from the bus

The good thing about commuting is sitting back and enjoying the view, the challenge is to have time to snap a shot.

buss bus

Time is money – commuting

As usual I sat on the bus today working a little, reading e-mail, checked out Instagram, read some tweets and enjoyed the …

katten rolf

Rolf in Quarantine

Rolf had a wound and was treated by the vet, he had to stay in 5 days – that was not fun.

trær - trees

Warm winter

Already in January the park-maintainers started cutting and preparing trees.