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Our Summer Holiday so far

This year we decided to go camping and the kids looked forward to it. We didn’t know exactly where we would go but at least visit a few amusementparks, I also wanted to go...


I slept through this class

One of our stops this summer was in Drangedal, Telemark where we found a school rebuilt as a Bed & Breakfast/boarding house. Awesome experience to sleep over in a class room like this. It...

Marineholmen strand 0

A beach is born

A new beach has been created outside our office – quite incredible! The whole community has been using it since.


Easter 2018 in Eksingedalen

Det er påske igjen! I år ble vi også invitert til Eksingedalen av svogeren min og kona – de har et fantastisk sted i fjellet nær Gullbrå og Myrkdalen, så vi fikk hjelp fra...


Happy new year!

Happy new year! 2016 was quite a year! Better hold on tight on the spinning planet and prepare for a new one! A lot of weird happenings are in line for us. 🙂