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Minecraft Bryggen 0

Minecraft Bryggen

Happy new year! 🙂 Minecraft is fun and with it I am able to disconnect my brain from anything I like. Heres a little project I have building Bryggen in Bergen. Of course it...


Sunrise from the bus

Wow, its Friday again. Wasn’t it Friday yesterday? Oh well, here is my contribution to Skywatch Friday and Petunia’s heavenly #61. 🙂 I’ve taken the bus a lot lately because my car is being...

christmas house 0

Evening window-safari

I walked around the city center this evening and took a few windows shots – a window safari. The Christmas House at Bryggen Dry fish at Bryggen – I have no idea whats inside...


Only for sober ones

I love this building, studying it makes me dizzy. Its one of many buildings on the Hanseatic Wharf in Bergen that have no straight angles anymore.


Calm before the storm

We were in the city centre today and parked on the top floor of a parking house. The view from there is awesome, we can se all the roofs of The Warf/Bryggen which is...