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Time is money – commuting

As usual I sat on the bus today working a little, reading e-mail, checked out Instagram, read some tweets and enjoyed the view. The only thing that irritated me a little was that I...


I give up the bus for now

I really want to do my part reducing the air pollution in my area, its not fun to read about all the kids developing asthma because of the pollution. Thats why I’ve tried our...


The future bus

I love China’s will to invent and explore, here is the new bus soon ready for testing in Beijing. Link to article on Chinahush.com


A bussy day

I decided to take the bus today because my better half and the prince in the house wanted to go to the cinema to watch “How to Train Your Dragon”. I wished I could...

Going by bus is not safe 33

Going by bus is not safe

Do you remember when bus-drivers where polite people? Time has changed, or is it only in Norway? Here the bus-drivers are rude, drive before elderly people have found a seat, doesn’t help people etc...