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No fish weekend

We’ve been down to Grønskjæret a few times this weekend to try to catch some fish to Findus but without any luck. Are there fish left in the ocean? They didn’t even nibble! Maybe...


Relaxing at Grønskjæret

The last couple of days we’ve spent some time at Grønskjæret, an awesome place 5 minutes from our house. We’ve swimmed a little but its not very warm yet – we measured it to...


A warm easter

I love it when the easter is late, its hotter and this year it felt like summer. Heres a few photos I took. It was weird to be on the beach during easter holiday.


A little easter walk

Today we walked down to Grønskjæret and relaxed near the ocean. We’re looking forward to use this place soon when it gets warmer. Its awesome to have such a place just a few minutes...