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Crowded on the ice

We had a wonderful day on the ice today, Tertnestjønna a couple of minutes away has safe ice these days and perfect for skating.


Mysterious rings on ice

I had to collect some of these, they look awesome. These are formed when the temperature rises, the ice gets thinner and it sinks a little, sometimes because warmer water rises and drills holes...


Time for ice crystals

There are lots of nice motives out there in this cold, my favorite time is when the sun is about to set. I took these today outside the office.


Coldest Novembernight in 126 years

Last night was the coldest November-night in 126 years, thats pretty awesome. -9,5 was measured in the city center but areas around us had around -22, -14 and at Finse in our county they...


A freezing day

Its getting colder these days, we were down to -7 degrees celcius today. Next week they’ve forcasted -20, that a bit too cold if you ask me. Heres a few photos I took today...


Ice roses morning

Brr it was cold this morning, it had rained some during the night which makes it possible for the ice to make fun patterns.

North Pole icefree in ten years 10

North Pole icefree in ten years

The Catlin Arctic Survey team with Pen Hadow visited the north Pole earlier this year during a research project where they concluded that most of the ice will melt in 10 years during the...


Testing the icePod

The icePod is probably the most creative product from an ice cream producer I’ve seen in a while. Its shaped like an iPod and when you’ve finished the ice you can use a code...