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A greeting from ISS

This message from ISS was too nice to not share it, heres a Christmas greeting from ISS to all of us, thanks NASA! Here you can send a postcard back to the crew.


Merry Christmas from Øblog

Mandagstema – Todays Monday theme at Petunia’s blogg is Christmas cards. I decided to use the opportunity to make a little card to you all, from Øblog. If you click the image to the...

Christmas weather in Bergen 9

Christmas weather in Bergen

I just came home after driving around delivering christmas presents to our family and extended families. I wanted to share what weather I had while driving. Not Christmas yet so I don’t give up...


What are we doing with our kids?

[lang_en] I read an article today that Norwegian kids get an average of 10 kilo toys on Christmas. Each year we import 20 kilo toys per kid, 10 kilos are bought through the year....