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This photo is not manipulated

Isn’t it incredible? I can’t imagine the patience this has to take. Its from Georges Rousse’s archive. Heres a view from the side: Another great one:


New art at Store Lungegårdsvann

It’s fun to notice new art in our city, this time It’s Thorsten Goldberg’s turn with the 60°N, 05°E waterside encased. The artwork consists of 732 steelplates formed as a waving carpet on the...


Magic in ceramic

Its not often I blog about interior, but when I see beautiful work as this I feel the urge to share it. My better half bought this from a collegue of her who works...


The bread lady

I was in the city center today and was surprised to see this art-project, a lady sculpture made of bread. I talked a little with the artist, she told me it took a lot...