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The snow I missed

I found a few more shots I took at the skiing weekend that I wanted to share, I wish we had as much snow down here – its almost gone now.


February trip to Eikedalen

We’re back from a weekend trip to Eikedalen with the sports school, a fantastic weekend. Having 19 kids with us would usually mean no time to take a few shots but these kids are...


The first snow

It started snowing yesterday, finally! I look forward to a long a white winter. 🙂 Its chaos on the roads today though, there are lots of people who haven’t changed to winter tires yet....


Let it snow let it snow

Its snowing a lot today, I love it. Its wet and heavy though and people are struggling, embarrassing I think – they say Norwegians are born with skis on their feet which explains why...


Stuck at work

Someone must have heard me when I wished for tons of snow and chaos. I am stuck at work, hehe but I’d rather be stuck at home. Large trucks are blocking many roads and...