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Happy new year!

Happy new year! 2016 was quite a year! Better hold on tight on the spinning planet and prepare for a new one! A lot of weird happenings are in line for us. 🙂


Crowded on the ice

We had a wonderful day on the ice today, Tertnestjønna a couple of minutes away has safe ice these days and perfect for skating.

Tertnes - glødende hull 2 10

The glowing hole

Its Friday! Skywatch Friday! And . These are my contributions, I took them while waiting for the bus. The quality isn’t very good but I think they looked fun. Have a nice weekend!


Driving through galaxy clouds

Its Friday! And Skywatch Friday and Petunias Heavenly #52. I really look forward to this weekend, this week has been a long one. Sometimes when I drive home the sky turns into a monstrous...