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Spring again in Bergen

Finally spring again! Everything is turning green and the flowers gives us amazing firework. It rains a lot though, but that is how it is in Bergen. Heres a few photos I’ve taken:

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Finally spring in Bergen

Its finally spring again, the temperature is getting better but it varies a lot. Yesterday we suddenly had 27 degrees celcius and tomorrow we will be down to 8 again. Oh well, as long...


Spring tendency in Bergen

I was visiting a customer in the city center today and used the opportunity to take a few shots during lunch – it felt like spring! They are working at the fishingmarket, but struggles...


Signs of spring

Its hot today, 8 degrees Celsius and it is finally weekend. Though I envy our neighbors in Hörby Sweden, they have 17,9 degrees Celsius in the shadow. Though I shouldn’t complain, in northern Sweden...