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Autumn in Fyllingsdalen

We visited my parents today in Fyllingsdalen, as usual I took a shot of their beautiful view towards the mountain Løvstakken. Autumn’s colors have started to spread.


A weekend on Manger

I had the pleasure of spending last weekend on Manger, a beautiful place 50km north of Bergen. It rained a lot though, except on Saturday so I got the chance to take a few...


Autumn cleaning my blog

Autumn is making it selves more obvious these day, today only we’ve had 12mm rain. Its no comfort though that a normal September gives us 283mm (11.14 inches). September 2009 we had 361mm… Oh...


Autumn colors already

I feel it is a bit early for autumn yet but when I saw this outside my office I was reminded that the time is here soon. Any signs of autumn where you are?


Skywatch Friday – Autumn skies

View of Fyllingsdalen where I grew up. This is one of my favourite views – I never get tired of taking pictures of it. Its taken from my mom and dad’s house last Sunday....


An autumn walk

My daughter and I explored our neighborhood last weekend and to study the autumn process. We had a great time – she loves walking though the leaves and the sound it makes. I found...


Skywatch Friday – Autumn

View of Fyllingsdalen, where I grew up. Here is a larger version. Steiner School an autumn day. (We visited their flee-market) Here is a larger version of it.