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bergen in winter 3

Bergen dressed by winter

I decided to walk up Ulriken today to get rid of some Christmas-calories, but I should have checked the forecast first. At the top the wind measured 18-20 m/s (34-38 knots). I got to...

is-skulptur 1

Juice, water and ice

Our eldest on is an artist with ice, look what he made with a carton of juice and some water. The winter night did the rest of the magic.


Chaos in traffic today

Winter has come and its chaos in traffic again, as every year. Its embarrasing that we can’t cope with the snow – we’re supposed to be used to this, we even brag that we’re...


Finally more snow

Its finally snowing again, but I want more – this is not enough. 🙂 Its been cold lately all over Europe, minus 25,3 degrees celcius in Sweden (Kalmar), minus 32,7 in Norway (Tynset), it...


Time for ice crystals

There are lots of nice motives out there in this cold, my favorite time is when the sun is about to set. I took these today outside the office.


The first snow

It started snowing yesterday, finally! I look forward to a long a white winter. 🙂 Its chaos on the roads today though, there are lots of people who haven’t changed to winter tires yet....