Gone fishing

The young master of the house tends a sport school for juniors once a week run by our local sport club. It is a great offer to youths that don’t want to take part in one particular type of sport. The organizer do a great job and the kids gets to go fishing, hiking, spend nights in tents, climb, swim, ski, dance, paddling and lots of other fun activities. I think this is a great alternative, especially when they put so much work in it and care this much for the kids. Its great fun for adults too, I try to go with them as much as I can and when they ask for adult assistance I can’t say no.

This season started with a fishing trip on the motorboat Rover, a faithful boat with 38 seasons on the Barents Sea. 13 years ago it was bought by a teacher who wanted try something new and to give youth a break and let them experience the ocean and how it is to work on such boat. His organisation funds this by selling commercial trips for tourists and private groups – like us. His ultimate dream was that the schools exchanged the 7th grade with a year of practical school. Not only to give school tired youth a break but also to give kids experience and bring more realism to school. I love the idea, but getting this through a conservative school system would be though. Unfortunately. How is this in your country?

This time we were just over 20 kids and 5 adults, the second we all entered the boat I noticed how experienced he was with kids. He got their attention and they listened carefully to what he had to tell. He gave thoughtful instructions that everyone could understand and answered questions in a great way. He even had time for my curious questions about the different radar and radio systems on board. I learned a lot.

We were out a few hours, trying fishing spots on different locations on the local fjords. We didn’t get much fish but the kids loved the trip. Many of them are in the same class, I think this is a nice way for them to be together and maybe help some to bond. The captain also demonstrated how modern fishing systems worked, I had no idea how advanced it has become. I guess it is necessary if one want to have a chance in the competition.

What a great day.. No wonder that ship and its captain is popular.

This year the 6 year old in the house joined the sports school as well, tent trip next. 🙂

Øyvind Lasse Høysæter

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