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Bård Breivik 2

Bård Breivik’s tower is up

The tower is up! Bård Breiviks latest work of art is a beauti, I’ll take a few more photos when the ropes are gone. Heres a proud Bård Breivik:


Spelhaugen a beautiful morning

I took these from my office window a few days ago, thought they would be nice to share. Its my contribution to Skywatch Friday and Petunias Heavenly #62. 🙂


Autumn in Fyllingsdalen

We visited my parents today in Fyllingsdalen, as usual I took a shot of their beautiful view towards the mountain Løvstakken. Autumn’s colors have started to spread.


Finally more snow

Its finally snowing again, but I want more – this is not enough. 🙂 Its been cold lately all over Europe, minus 25,3 degrees celcius in Sweden (Kalmar), minus 32,7 in Norway (Tynset), it...