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Tertnes - glødende hull 2 10

The glowing hole

Its Friday! Skywatch Friday! And . These are my contributions, I took them while waiting for the bus. The quality isn’t very good but I think they looked fun. Have a nice weekend!


Rainy morning

It rained cats and dogs this morning, I tried to capture it here. Btw anyone with the Opera browser have problems seeing the video?


Fun with HDR

I took these the other morning, I tried to capture the nice sky. This one is without HDR: Here is one where I merged to images via a HDR app:


My favorite shot this weekend

Its been a hectic weekend, our little one is sick and her elder brother and sister had a program with the sportsschool. Canoe and spending the night in near forest on Friday and today...


Mountain biking

Last Wednesday our young prince wanted to go for a bike ride – he knew an awesome route he wanted to try. I needed the exercise since I’m going the 4-mountain-tour this weekend. The...


A trip to Geitanuken

The 7-mountain-march is getting closer and we have to get in proper shape so we decided to take a small trip to Geitanuken last Tuesday. The weather was awesome and it smelled summer up...


A little easter walk

Today we walked down to Grønskjæret and relaxed near the ocean. We’re looking forward to use this place soon when it gets warmer. Its awesome to have such a place just a few minutes...